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Transformation – The Strategy HUB: Your Launchpad to Global Competitiveness

Imagine a thriving landscape of six crores+ micro-enterprises pulsating with the ambition to rise. These Indian MSMEs, representing 95% of the entrepreneurial spirit, carry the dreams of millions within their walls.

But for many, growth remains a tantalizing mirage. Hamstrung by limited resources, inadequate strategies, and a lack of timely insights, these businesses often struggle to translate their potential into reality.

This is where Transformation – The Strategy HUB steps in, a beacon of guidance amid these challenges. Founded by seasoned engineering and management professional Mrs Darshana Manish Thakkar in January 2018, Transformation offers a unique concept: empowering Indian MSMEs to break free from limitations and soar towards global competitiveness.

We Ensure Realizing Your Dreams

Think of it as your trusted guide on the treacherous path to business success. Led by Mrs Darshana, the expert team with years of experience and a deep understanding of the MSME landscape acts as your compass, navigating you through strategic decisions, resource optimization, and timely information access.

Your good business acumen will no longer remain untapped. Transformation – The Strategy HUB equips you with the tools and strategies you need to transform your micro-enterprise into a formidable force.

Picture this:

  • Streamlined processes and optimized operations boost your efficiency and productivity.
  • Data-driven decisions guide you towards the right choices at the right time.
  • A strategic roadmap charting your course to become a part of the global supply chain.
  • Access to critical resources and networks expands your reach and opportunities.

Mrs Darshana insists, “At Transformation, we are passionate about supporting high-potential MSMEs/SMEs/SMBs to increase and improve their business potential. Our strategic approach, affordable solutions, and customized process and procedure in line with their organizational culture is our speciality, which is why our customers trust our services.”

Transformation – The Strategy Hub is dedicated to support

*MSME Businesses of the country

  • To define a strategic growth path for MSME companies.
  • Formulation of Growth and marketing strategies for customer organization.
  • Transform the organization from a person to a system driven.
  • Increase profitability and productivity.
  • Automation and Digital Transformation of the MSME organization.
  • Advisory and support for different government schemes for MSME.
  • Develop a business process and system to fit with your organizational culture.
  • Organizational restructuring and strategic planning across functions: Planning, Procurement, Production, Inventory, Marketing, Accounts, and HR.
  • Effective Utilization of your valuable resources: Material, Machines, Manpower, Money, Time, Data, and Technology.
  • Training of business functions to improve employee performance.


  • Starting from idea generation, selecting a business, SWOT Analysis, and starting a business for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Start-up process from Type of company and registration, various government registration process support, and complete handholding for all starting processes.
  • Guidance in the vital decision-making at a different stage of business start-up and process.
  • Support in a feasibility study to estimate market demand and production capacity.
  • Support the marketing strategy definition and coach the implementation in line with the target market.
  • Support in project report and Fundraising options.
  • Advisory for appropriate fund distribution in different assets and working capital.
  • Advisory and support in establishing business premises and procuring capital assets.
  • Advisory and support business operations during the initial period of business operations.
  • Advisory and support to avail the benefit of the different government schemes for the start-up business.

*Women Entrepreneurs

  • Helping women start their businesses.
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs to grow their business and brand value.

The MSME Transformation Specialists

Today, team Transformation’s professional values and qualities are admired by its clients. Mrs Darshana states, “As an MSME Transformation specialist, we need to keep a few things in mind. Our speciality in the following ways is an essential driving factor behind our success.”

  • Confidentiality of the client’s information.
  • Affordable Solutions.
  • Changes in line with the organizational culture.
  • Feedback monitoring system for improvement. “We don’t do an advisory; we transform the organization backed by results,” says Mrs Darshana, the Founder, who is one of those names inspiring women to step up for their lifelong goals.

The Successful Vision of an Engineering-Minded Team

Running a business was in the back of her mind, but due to lack of experience, she couldn’t pursue the same earlier in life. She started working as a Production and Testing Engineer after finishing engineering. During her career of 22 years with several engineering companies, she learned and developed expertise in business management and growth.

During that time, she realized that many small businesses were operating in an unorganized manner. Many companies started business as a single entity and then grew informally. She also observed that many high-potential MSME companies face tremendous challenges with product quality, delivery, cost, and day-to-day operations.

Then, she quit her job to start her consulting venture, ‘Transformation,’ with a vision to support high-potential Indian MSMEs for sustainable growth and improved profitability.

The beginning was challenging for numerous reasons, including being new to business, a woman in the consulting business, and the client’s trustworthiness. Eventually, Mrs Darshana proved herself in the industry sector and earned excellent credentials and reliability among small businesses.

Business leaders must be agile, focused, and futuristic in their business planning. Their challenges are a relentless need to reduce expenditures, optimize business potential, and increase per-project profitability. It often becomes challenging, and the changing situation demands different strategies.

It is where business experts are crucial in steering the MSME organizations to establish mid- to long-term strategies and driving them towards efficient and productive working. Sharing her inspiration behind venturing into the consultancy industry, Mrs Darshana says, “My passion for utilizing my expertise for the Indian MSME inspired me to start consulting, focusing on MSME only.”

Guaranteeing Personalized Tech-Boost

Also, being an experienced leader, she shares her opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the consultancy solution space and how Transformation is adapting to the change.

MSME businesses are traditionally managed. The adoption of emerging technologies is minimal and slow in MSME companies. The main reasons for the slow adoption of technologies are:

  • No knowledge about appropriate technology suitable in line with their business model.
  • Fear of the unknown and lack of knowledge about benefits.
  • Higher initial costs, especially in the absence of an expert, may result in adopting inappropriate technology, which may fail.

Mrs Darshana informs, “To solve these critical problems of MSME, we are happy to help in the appropriate selection and implementation of suitable technology. We recommend the solution most relevant to their business process and organizational culture and is budget-friendly. By providing implementation support, we ensure that the system is adopted at all levels of the organization and provides a faster return on investment by appropriately using the same.”

Modern technologies like Industry 4.0, IoT, AI, ML, Robotics, RPA, Data Analytics, Additive Manufacturing, etc., have established their footprint in large companies. However, for the MSME sector, adopting these technologies is quite challenging.

We recommend our client consider technology adoption on a priority basis as it provides a quick return on investment and increases competitiveness in the industry. As MSME transformation specialists, we lead with necessary organizational changes with step-by-step adoption of digitalization based on the work need,” claims Mrs Darshana.

The MSME and Startup Catalyst

Also, according to her, there is cutthroat competition in the consulting business. A handful of people retired from large companies have started the consulting business. “But as we have deep experience in dealing with small enterprises for more than 28 years, we understand the problem area of the micro-level MSME companies. We are providing affordable and result-oriented solutions for sustainable business growth,” she adds.

Envisioning scaling Transformation’s operations and offerings in the future, Mrs Darshana says that in the post-COVID era, businesses regained momentum in their respective sectors. The one positive thing that happened was the adaptability of the technology. Now, even Micro and small enterprises are becoming technology-friendly. The geographical boundaries are no longer hindering any work. It has led to more opportunities for a hybrid work environment. Due to the physical nature of consulting practices, earlier business was only to the nearby geographical area. Now, companies are open to associating with remote business associates.

She adds, “These helped our company explore the association opportunities in the long-distance MSME companies and MSME associations. Currently, some projects are in the pipeline in Maharashtra, Punjab, MP, and West Bengal, apart from Gujarat. We have a solid plan to establish our footprint in the other state as an MSME and Start-up catalyst by 2025.”

Our existence and goals are to promote #localforvocal and #atmanirbharbharat to make our great nation India the world leader. The #MSME sector is a very high potential contributor, and we are committed to transforming Indian MSMEs to their highest potential. Furthermore, our prime focus is to prevent our talented youth from migrating to other countries by providing mentoring and handholding to start and succeed in their entrepreneurship journey.”

Transformation – The Strategy Hub and Mrs Darshana Manish Thakkar’s Hall of Fame

  • Transformation is recognized as India’s Most Trusted Consulting Company by Insight Success 2022.
  • Mrs Darshana was felicitated during Automation Expo 2023 for outstanding contributions as an organizing committee and jury member for India Automation Challenge 2023.
  • Interview about technology in the automotive industry published in the cover story of Industrial Automation magazine in April 2023.
  • Featured as the Top influential woman in Business 2023 in India’s premium business magazine “Decision Makers.”
  • Felicitated during Fempreneur Award-2023, organized by Vyapaar Jagat, for excellent contribution to women’s Entrepreneurship development and empowerment.
  • Recognized and featured in the top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of Gujarat 2022 by Hello Mumbai News in March 2023.
  • Felicitated by Mentor my board in the gracious presence of Honourable FM Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman during Women Directors conclave -2022.
  • Felicitated by the president and other members of Makarpura GIDC Association for her excellent contribution to supporting MSME and start-up Businesses.

Making India a World Leader

According to Mrs Darshana, with the contribution of the nation’s youth to the economy, India can become a world leader. She wants to make Transformation – The Strategy Hub, a small contributor to making India a world leader.

She also wants to transform Indian small businesses to new heights of success and competitiveness. The company wants to be recognized as a Shark Tank for Indian MSMEs to transform them into a globally competitive business house.

In short, Transformation – The Strategy HUB is more than just a consulting company; it’s a catalyst for growth. It ignites the spark within your micro-enterprise, fanning it into a roaring flame of success.

So, are you ready to shed the shackles of limitations and step onto the global stage? Partner with Transformation – The Strategy HUB, and watch your business become a titan of tomorrow.

Remember, the potential is already within you. Transformation helps you unlock it. For more information, please visit

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