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Lakshadweep’s Growing Popularity: A Catalyst for India’s Thriving Tourism Sector

Coastal and marine tourism will make up 26% of India’s blue economy.

According to a new research from The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), India’s coastline tourism industry is booming and is expected to become one of the main drivers of the country’s expanding ocean economy. According to recent reports, projections suggest that a significant 26% of the Blue Economy will consist of marine and coastal tourism.

Within the next 20 to 25 days, the Indian Association of Tour Operators expects the impact of a recent call for boycott to materialize. Notably, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, the territory jumped to the top of Google trends in India for two consecutive days. This has sparked widespread rumors that Native Americans are eyeing the smallest Union Territory in the country as their next travel destination.

The Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to Lakshadweep was appreciated by the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI), which also praised his steadfast dedication to promoting tourism in the nation.

A well-known online travel agency in India, MakeMyTrip, has started the “Beaches of India” campaign in keeping with the growing trend of coastal travel. The project intends to highlight the nation’s many coastal gems and market them as popular travel destinations. MakeMyTrip celebrates India’s affection for its over 450 beaches with social media posts that offer attractive discounts on a variety of beach destinations.

As per the 2023 estimates, the potential contribution of the tourism industry to the Indian economy in 2022 exceeded $15.9 trillion, signifying a 1% rise from 2019. In 2023, the industry was projected to provide over 35 million jobs, an increase of 8.3% from the year before.

The tourism sector ought to receive industrial status and be designated as a priority sector for the ensuing two years. In order to boost revenue through tax benefits, it is critical to encourage the increasing number of tourists visiting the country. As a result, there will be a greater demand for travel both domestically and outside. Reputable public relations companies are encouraged to promote India as a top tourism destination that suits a range of tastes.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep during the first week of January attracted attention because he released beautiful photos that showcased the islands’ breathtaking beauty. Modi expressed hope about the prospects for tourism in the area, calling his visit a “enriching journey of learning and growing.”

An ecological warning is issued amid the anticipated spike in tourist. When Lakshadweep opens up to visitors from the mainland, precautions need to be taken to make sure the islands don’t get any more plastic. Numerous islands in the chain have delicate ecosystems and delicate coral reefs that need to be protected.

There is hope that Lakshadweep may become the next big thing in Indian tourism since the Union government is improving the region’s western coast infrastructure. The country is looking forward to Lakshadweep becoming a popular tourist destination as the wave of coastal tourism keeps growing.

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