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Kirby India: Strengthening Indian Infrastructural Nerves with High Quality Steel Buildings

What began as a manufacturing powerhouse of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) has transcended into a holistic solution provider, exemplifying Kirby India’s commitment to evolving with the times and meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. True to its leadership ethos, Kirby has continually set new benchmarks, not only as a manufacturer but as a trailblazer that designs, manufactures and constructs intricate, heavy structures across a myriad of sectors.

Milestones of Magnificence

The journey of Kirby India is marked by a series of milestones, where the company’s capabilities shine through in the creation of mega projects spanning various manufacturing segments — from Simple Warehouses to Factory Buildings, Shipyards to Power Plant Structures, Bridge Girders to Steel Plants, Multi-Level Process Buildings to Conveyor Structures, High Rise Office Buildings to Data Centers, and beyond. In each venture, Kirby India has not just participated but pioneered, expanding the horizons of the PEB industry and laying the groundwork for similar groundbreaking projects.

At the heart of Kirby’s success is its market leadership in producing steel buildings and structures in India, coupled with an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch customer service through its integrated ERP system. The company’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with industry titans such as Amazon, Flipkart, MRF, Apollo, BMW, Kia, Whirlpool, Voltas, Shapoorji Pallonji, L&T, All Cargo, Indospace, KSH, Apple, Oppo, ITC, Dabur, Colgate, Sun Pharma, Reliance, Adani, Asian Paints, Berger, and many more.

Kirby India has consistently stood at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry, marking its commitment by investing in cutting-edge production technologies and continuous product development. The company’s integration of strength, expertise, and innovation has positioned it as a leader in the Indian Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) market.

In the context of India’s status as the world’s fastest-growing economy, Kirby India recognizes the imperative for sustainable growth, especially in the construction sector. PEBs, with their use of steel—a 100% recyclable material—have emerged as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice, contrasting sharply with conventional buildings. Adopting PEBs involves simple nut and bolt connections, streamlined logistics, and adherence to world-class safety protocols, ensuring quicker design, detailing, and completion.

The Torchbearer of the Green Construction Movement

Kirby India’s innovative approach has positioned it as a torchbearer in the green construction movement, offering cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions with benefits such as reduced emissions, carbon credits, and rainwater harvesting. These distinctive, customizable structures signify a shift towards sustainable practices and a testament to Kirby India’s commitment to environmental responsibility in the construction landscape.

Kirby India is an unrivalled exemplar of engineering excellence, showcasing a comprehensive infrastructure and an indomitable network that underscores its commitment to delivering superior construction solutions. With over 24 sales offices and a robust network comprising more than 150 certified builders, Kirby India adeptly caters to erection procedures by international standards, demonstrating a remarkable capability to navigate through diverse complexities, even under adverse site conditions. Kirby India’s prowess extends beyond the national borders, as it has forged partnerships with corporate giants on national and international fronts, operating across a spectrum of industry segments and establishing its facilities in India and globally.

The company’s manufacturing capacity is equally impressive, boasting a total annual capacity of 250,000 MT, strategically distributed across plants in Hyderabad, Haridwar, and Halol. With each location strategically positioned in the South, North, and West, Kirby ensures efficient access and delivery to diverse regions. Furthermore, Kirby’s commitment to quality is fortified by its ISO certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001), reflecting a dedication to international standards in every facet of its operations. Kirby India’s buildings are meticulously designed, adhering to relevant IS codes and customized to meet international standards such as AISC, AISI, and MBMA, aligning seamlessly with the specific requirements of its discerning clientele.

Kirby’s Engineering Prowess

The engineering excellence of Kirby India is not merely confined to its infrastructure but extends to cutting-edge software applications. The company employs proprietary software for designing and detailing PEB structures, coupled with industry-standard packages like STAADPro, AutoCAD, ProSteel, Tekla, BOCAD, ETabs, and more. This technological arsenal empowers Kirby to customize each building according to the unique demands of its clients, ensuring a bespoke solution that aligns precisely with their vision and requirements. Kirby India’s engineering prowess is not just a testament to its technical capabilities. However, it serves as a beacon for the entire construction industry, setting new design, manufacturing, and innovation benchmarks.

Kirby India is the epitome of technological prowess and innovation, showcasing an illustrious history of completing over 100,000 buildings globally in more than 70 countries over the past 47+ years. In India, Kirby’s transformative impact is even more pronounced, having accomplished the construction of over 40,000 buildings, spanning an impressive 45 million square meters of built-up area for more than 7,500 clients across diverse industry segments and sub-segments. What sets Kirby apart is its sheer volume of projects and the resounding vote of confidence from its clientele, with over 60% of its business stemming from repeat customers. This statistic is a testament to Kirby’s commitment to top-tier customer service and the delivery of world-class products that epitomize the highest standards in quality, safety, erection efficiency, and after-sales services.

A Trailblazing Spirit of Innovations

Kirby’s trailblazing spirit is further exemplified by its execution of groundbreaking projects, including completing the first G+12 Data Center building with a towering height of 72 meters for CtrlS in Navi Mumbai. This unique structure posed distinct challenges in drafting, fabrication, and erection. Yet, Kirby completed it in a record time of six months, opening new frontiers for its Structural Steel division. The company also implemented a novel methodology in the erection of deck sheeting from the bottom, a first-of-its-kind practice in India for Data Center buildings.

Moreover, Kirby has constructed pioneering facilities, such as the first-of-its-kind airtight building for Hitachi India, designed for the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) to transmit and convert electricity between grids. The company introduced a new erection methodology for Pod lifting, built India’s largest warehouse certified with a Green Building Platinum Rating for Flipkart in West Bengal, and established the world’s largest tire manufacturing facility for Apollo Tyres in Andhra Pradesh. Other remarkable accomplishments include

  • The construction of the world’s largest PEB at a single location for the Renault-Nissan car manufacturing facility in Chennai,
  • The world’s largest gearbox manufacturing facility for wind turbines for Hansen Drives in Coimbatore and
  • The world’s largest yarn manufacturing facility for Trident Ltd in Madhya Pradesh.

Safety is the Motto

Safety is paramount in all PEB projects, and Kirby India has pioneered implementing innovative safety practices across its job sites through Certified Builders and erection engineers. Over the last 24+ years, the company has provided extensive training to its workforce on safe erection practices, contributing to zero accidents at its sites. This unwavering commitment to safety has earned Kirby India the prestigious British Safety Council award for over six consecutive years, a testament to the company’s stringent safety standards and practices.

The final aesthetic and functional integrity of the buildings constructed by Kirby depends heavily on the quality of installation at the site. Kirby boasts a panel of over 150 Certified Builders across India, meticulously selected through a rigorous evaluation process. Recognizing the highly technical nature of the erection process, Kirby takes complete ownership of constructing facilities with world-class safety standards. Regular training sessions are conducted at the sites to educate builder staff and workers on correct installation procedures and Environment Health & Safety (EHS) practices, ensuring that each structure is not just a building but a testament to Kirby’s commitment to excellence in every facet of construction.

The story of Kirby India is an exploration of innovative solutions, groundbreaking projects, and strategic partnerships that have propelled Kirby to the forefront of the PEB industry. Kirby India’s journey is not just a testament to its manufacturing prowess; it’s a saga of resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to redefining the landscape of construction and infrastructure in India.

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