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Innovative Entrepreneur Suhas Shetty Develops his Organic Ice cream Plant on Solar Power with Rs 12 Crore Income

Suhas B Shetty, inspired by the abundant supply of pure milk in his hometown Nellore, founded Iceberg Organic Icecreams to provide preservative-free, organic ice cream options to customers. Today, his ice cream empire is distributed across 70 outlets, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional ice creams loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Born and raised in Nellore, Suhas moved away from home for education and spent time in different cities. After completing his PhD in pharmacy, he decided to move back to Nellore to be closer to his parents. However, this move also meant that he had to explore new avenues of income. Although he had never actively thought about entrepreneurship, Suhas realized that it might be his calling.

When Suhas moved back home in 2013, he noticed that he had access to an abundance of pure milk. “In big cities, pure and organic milk can be very expensive, but here, I could buy it for as low as Rs 55. I decided to think in that direction and it dawned on me that an ice cream business might flourish in Nellore,” he recalls.

Suhas too loved indulging in ice creams but could not find healthy alternatives. “If you look at the packaging of most brands, they do not even meet the standards of being an ice cream. They are frozen deserts loaded with a lot of vegetable oils which are very unhealthy,” he explains. This realization prompted him to create his own brand, Iceberg Organic Icecreams, offering a preservative-free, organic option to customers.

Starting with a small outlet in Nellore, Iceberg Organic Icecreams has now expanded to 70 outlets across the region. Suhas’ commitment to using pure, organic ingredients and his passion for providing a healthier alternative have been the driving forces behind the brand’s success.

As we navigate through the scorching summer heat, Iceberg Organic Icecreams stands as a refreshing oasis, offering a guilt-free indulgence that takes us back to the carefree days of childhood. Suhas’ story is a testament to the power of recognizing opportunities and turning them into successful ventures, all while prioritizing the well-being of his customers.

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