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Innovating Tomorrow: The Unrivaled Odyssey of Infotrack Systems in Human Capital Management

In the fast-paced realm of Human Capital Management (HCM), one company stands out as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and unwavering client commitment. Founded in 1994 by a group of seasoned IT experts, Infotrack Systems has not only weathered the storms of change but has emerged as a pioneer in providing cutting-edge HCM solutions.

Infotrack Systems’ journey in the HCM domain is a testament to its commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and technological excellence. As the company looks towards the future, it stands on the shoulders of its achievements, ready to pioneer new frontiers in the ever-evolving landscape of Human Capital Management.

The fusion of visionary leadership, cutting-edge technology, and a relentless pursuit of excellence empowers Infotrack’s success. Infotrack is an ISO 9001:27001; 31000; 22301, and 14001 Certified software company engaged in developing high-end Human Capital Management Products and solutions established in 1994.

Fostering Futuristic HCM

Infotrack has served more than 100 clients. Infotrack has executed several mission-critical complex projects for the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India and has been associated with the Ministry of Defence (GOI) for more than 21 years. The contribution of Infotrack has been appreciated by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India and a Gold Medal has been awarded by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

Infotrack is a leading provider of on-premises and private cloud-based HCM solutions to Fortune India 100 giants in India, leveraging its 30+ years of deep domain expertise to implement HR best practices with built-in practical solutions. The Infotrack HCM Platform has served more than 5 million satisfied users.

Some important HCM clients and their vintage are as follows: Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Group, the world’s largest single-stream ammonia urea fertilizer complex, for over 23 years. Small Industries Development Bank of India for more than 21 years. Aurobindo Pharma Group for more than 20 years. Murugappa Group – Chola MS Group for more than 11 years. DCB Bank Ltd for more than nine years. Hero MotoCorp Group, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, has positioned Infotrack as a trailblazer for more than eight years, shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

A Journey Marked by Strengths

At the heart of Infotrack’s journey is a robust leadership team led by Dr. Bhushan Sahni, the visionary Managing Director, and Sameeksha Sahni, the dynamic CEO. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and transformation has been the driving force behind the company’s growth and success. Infotrack’s unique Business-first mindset sets it apart as a Business Integrator, uniquely attuned to understanding clients’ business and technology needs.

The commitment to data security and compliance is not just a promise but a tangible reality, as evidenced by the company’s ISO certifications (ISO 9001, 27001, 31000, 22301, and 14001). This not only ensures the highest standards of business continuity but also instils confidence in clients regarding the integrity and reliability of Infotrack’s solutions.

Diverse Clientele: A Tapestry of Success

Infotrack Systems has left an indelible mark on diverse industries, serving a broad spectrum of organizations from medium-sized enterprises to Fortune India 100 giants. The company’s clientele reads like a who’s who of industry leaders:

– **Hero MotoCorp:** The world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer.

– **HDFC Bank:** Ranked as the world’s fourth-largest bank.

– **Aurobindo Pharma Group:** India’s second-largest pharma conglomerate, comprising over ten companies.

– **Gujarat Narmada Fertilizers Group (GNFC):** Boasting the world’s largest single-stream Ammonia-urea fertilizer complex.

– **Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd:** A prestigious Murugappa Group entity.

– **Future Group:** India’s largest retail giant, encompassing over 30 companies.

– **DCB Bank Ltd, Neuberg Diagnostics, SIDBI, ITC, Vesuvius, and many more.**

This diverse clientele is a testament to Infotrack’s ability to tailor its HCM solutions to the unique needs of various industries, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of its offerings.

Flagship Products: Unveiling Technological Prowess

  1. People Dynamics-Human Capital Management Suite

At the core of Infotrack’s offerings lies the People Dynamics-Human Capital Management Suite. This fully integrated, on-premises solution covers the entire spectrum of human capital management, employee relations, contingent workforce management, retirement benefits, travel management, and ESOPs.

  1. Range of High-Quality Services

Infotrack takes pride in providing state-of-the-art, end-to-end, completely integrated, on-premises solutions. It boasts the only object-oriented, AI-based, on-premises HCM solution. It offers a comprehensive HR Suite with an AI-based voice-enabled virtual assistant, ER Suite, Contingent workforce Suite, Retirement Benefits Suite, and Analytics Suite.

Empowering businesses with superb HR solutions, Infotrack’s Business-first mindset ensures technology alignment with future business states. Uniquely positioned as a Business Integrator, Infotrack offers total control and complete data security with its on-premises secure solutions. The company’s software solutions enhance customer development capacity and significantly reduce risks.

Infotrack’s People Analytics solutions deliver business value by combining the power of data with analytics. Such insights further enhance productivity across the HR and business value chain of the clients. The 360-degree Continuous Performance feedback management tool redefines traditional employee performance reviews, offering a more holistic and accurate picture.

  1. Geo-fencing and Geo-tagging

Dr. Sahni shares, “These solutions transform the way we work by digitally connecting the workforce and increasing productivity.” Empowering employees with flexible work timings, Geo-fencing, and geo-tagging enhances employee efficiency and business outcomes.

  1. Employee Relations Suite (ER Suite)

A single unified Employee Relations Suite aids in recording and tracking cases, disciplinary action, and grievances throughout the organization. This helps create visibility and uniformity and streamlines the entire employee relations process.

  1. Rewards and Recognition

Motivating employees effectively is crucial, and Infotrack’s Rewards and Recognition system allows organizations to recognize daily efforts and accomplishments, rewarding employees accordingly.

  1. Machine Learning for Recruitment

Infotrack employs machine learning to revolutionize the recruitment process, making it more efficient and data-driven.

  1. Power BI for Data Visualization

The suite incorporates Power BI for comprehensive data visualization, providing HR professionals with powerful analytics tools.

  1. Face Recognition and Biometric-Based Attendance

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Infotrack ensures secure and efficient attendance management.

  1. Interactive Dashboards for Real-Time Data Analysis

Infotrack’s suite provides interactive dashboards for real-time data analysis, empowering organizations with actionable insights.

  1. People Analytics

A powerful feature enabling organizations to engage and retain the best talent through data-driven insights.

Specialized Product Suites

  1. Contingent Workforce Management System (CWMS)

As companies increasingly turn to contingent workers to meet global business needs, Infotrack’s CWMS becomes pivotal in managing contingent workforce lifecycles. Key features include:

– End-to-End Contingent Workforce Lifecycle Management.

– Real-Time Compliance Management.

– Single Sign-On Facility.

– Ease of Integration with Existing ERPs.

  1. Retirement Benefits Management System (RBMS)

Infotrack’s RBMS is a flexible and scalable solution for managing retirement benefits. Key features include:

– Single Window for Administration of Multiple Schemes.

– Decision Support System for Comprehensive Analysis.

– Coverage of Indian Social Security Obligations.

Smart HR Solutions

The advent of technology, changing demographics, and post-COVID-19 scenarios are forcing significant differences in the way organizations hire and manage their talent.

HRs are no longer limited to doing the daily chores of hiring and managing employees but also contribute data-driven insights that can help in strategic business decision-making. Thus, digitization acts as a catalyst for HR transformation in the future, carving out a more strategic role for HR in the business.

HR and Payroll are at the core of every organization. With the new-age dynamic workforce distributed across geographies and the majority working from home/remotely, organizations are grappling with multiple processes, systems, and time zones.

The established rules of HR need to be altered in correspondence with the evolving hierarchies, new organizational alliances, and demographic characteristics. These changing workspace dynamics require a complete overhaul of people management and policies. Technology is getting intertwined and is rewriting the rules of business and HR.

Over and above these challenges, employee expectations demand a more inclusive, transparent, and integrated digital workplace experience. “Hence, there is a need for the HR Tech platforms to be intelligent, end-to-end, agile, accessible, and flexible,”

A Tech-Human Unified Intelligent System

Infotrack’s People Dynamics HCM platform does just that. It is an AI-based, unified, intuitive, scalable, and secure Intelligent HCM platform that gives the user a hassle-free and world-class experience. The mobile-first approach provides the speed, agility, adaptability, and transparency required by the modern workforce and delivers an enriching employee experience with maximum operational efficiency. In the post-COVID-19 situation, the physical interaction between employees and HR is minimized, creating an urgent need for a secure, intelligent, and user-centric system.

The user-centric approach of Infotrack ensures that technology helps the employees improve their productivity by ensuring a perfect balance between “Work” and “Life” for the employee.

On envisioning scaling Infotrack’s operations and offerings in the future, Infotrack’s Vision and endeavour are to deliver significant business value by going far beyond offering a mere HR processes automation tool.

“We lead the HR Tech space with innovations like Machine Learning for Recruitment, AI-enabled Virtual assistant, Powerful data visualization, Geo-fencing and geo-tagging for the Mobile workforce, face recognition and biometric-based attendance, Interactive dashboard for real-time data analysis, powerful people analytics to engage the workforce and retain the right talent.”

Innovation at the Core: Technological Edge

Infotrack Systems leads the HR Tech space with a commitment to continuous innovation. Sameeksha Sahni outlines some of the groundbreaking technologies that set Infotrack apart:

  1. Conversational Virtual Assistant Powered by AI

Infotrack’s Digital Virtual Assistant stands out as an intuitive and conversational tool. Powered by AI, it utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), deep learning, and self-learning neural networks. Unlike conventional chatbots, Infotrack’s Virtual Assistant performs complex tasks, navigates the entire system, and is available on mobile and web platforms. Its feature-rich functionality, coupled with an intuitive user experience, creates a natural and personalized user interaction.

  1. Upcoming Technologies

Infotrack is not resting on its laurels and has a dedicated team working on cutting-edge technologies. Some of the upcoming technologies include:

– Workforce Productivity Tools: Enhancing productivity tools to streamline and optimize workforce operations.

– Employee Well-Being & Work Management: Focusing on employee well-being and work management tools to create a holistic employee experience.

– Intelligent Communications: Leveraging intelligent communication tools to enhance internal and external communications.

– Intelligent Employee Experience Tools: Tools designed to enhance the overall employee experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

– Intelligent Self-Service: Aiming to empower users with intelligent self-service capabilities, reducing reliance on manual processes.

– Sentiment Analytics: Utilizing sentiment analytics to gauge and respond to the emotional tone in employee interactions.

Long-Standing Partnerships: Building Trust Over Time

Infotrack Systems values the partnerships it has cultivated over the years. The enduring relationships with clients, marked by repeated collaborations and extensions, speak volumes about organisations’ trust and confidence in Infotrack’s ability to deliver value consistently.

Market Presence: A Resounding Footprint

Infotrack Systems has left a resounding footprint in the HCM market. Its presence is not only felt through the diverse range of industries it serves but also through the reach and impact of its solutions. The company’s contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping the HCM landscape, making it a recognized and respected entity in the market.

Future Vision: Pioneering Innovations and Tech Advancements

Infotrack’s vision is rooted in delivering real business value that goes beyond the realm of conventional HR process automation tools. The company aspires to be a game-changer in the HCM field, and Sameeksha Sahni emphasizes the significance of their innovative technologies in achieving this vision.

Infotrack Systems Award List

1) Fortune India Magazine Feature (CEO, Sameeksha Sahni)

“Most Influential Personalities and Business Minds by Fortune”

2) “Global Leadership Award for Excellence in Innovation in IT & ITES”

3) “Featured in the Leading SMEs of India 2023 by Dun and Bradstreet.”

4) Featured in the influential CIOLook Magazine – “Most Leading HR & Payroll Management Companies 2022”

5) “Inspiring Women Leaders of 2023” at Times Group – Economic Times Women Conclave 2023 (CEO, Sameeksha Sahni)

6) Featured in Passion Vista Magazine “Women Leaders to Look Up To in 2023” (CEO, Sameeksha Sahni)

7) CIO Look India’s “Most Leading HR & Payroll Management Companies 2022”

Link: Read the digital cover at: from pages 10 to 18

8) “The National Icon Award for – The Best HR Software Product of the Year”

9) CIO Review India’s “Top 10 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers 2022”

10) Silicon India’s “Top 10 most promising talent management solution provider”

11) CXO Outlook’s “Top 10 Innovative HR Tech Companies”

12) Enterprise World’s “10 most reliable HR Solution providers of 2020”

13) HR Tech Special Issue of CIO Review India- 2019 as one of the most promising HR Tech solution providers.

14) Enterprise World’s -“The most admired companies of the year 2021”

15) CIO Review India’s “20 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers – 2019”

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