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In a Seed Round led by Artha Venture Fund, Natch Raises Rs 3 Cr

Snack Company In a seed round managed by Artha Venture Fund and including the DSP Family Office, Natch has raised Rs 3 crore.

According to a news release from Natch, the money will be utilized to enhance distribution, boost marketing initiatives, broaden its omnichannel presence, and innovate in product development.

Established in 2017 by Matthew Taff and Meher Vakil, Natch provides a selection of snack choices to a discriminating and health-conscious customer base. The company states that all of its goods are natural, free of trans fats, artificial flavors, preservatives, and gluten. They are also vegan.

At the moment, 250 upscale retail establishments in India carry Natch goods, including Nature’s Basket and Wellness Forever.

With a 30% increase in customer-facing touchpoints, the brand claims to have generated a 300% increase in sales in the last 18 months. Another important factor is e-commerce, which accounts for 15% of the brand’s overall revenues.

A snack maker called Natch sells a variety of delectable snacks that are created with authentic, natural ingredients. Given the dietary requirements of the younger population, Natch snacks are tasty, healthful solutions that are packaged in premium packaging to keep their freshness for an extended period of time. The company has partnered with Re-circle to remove non-recyclable plastic and offset the carbon footprint as part of its commitment to being a plastic neutral corporation. Natch is dedicated to using natural methods to cut waste.

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