You are currently viewing FSSAI Files 1,411 Charges Against FBOs for Food Safety Violations 

FSSAI Files 1,411 Charges Against FBOs for Food Safety Violations 

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has taken robust measures against Food Business Operators (FBOs) who have violated food safety regulations in the current fiscal year, which began on April 1, 2023. A total of 1,411 prosecution cases have been initiated against errant FBOs under the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act, 2006. These prosecutions cover various violations, including operating food businesses without a valid license and manufacturing or selling unsafe food products.

Throughout this fiscal year, FSSAI has been actively testing food products from various categories, such as milk and milk products, spices, packaged drinking water, nutraceuticals, sauces, pickles, chips, and jaggery, to ensure compliance with product standards and safety regulations. FSSAI, in collaboration with state food authorities, conducts regular checks to monitor the quality and safety of food products, drawing and testing samples to identify non-compliant practices and promptly address any breaches in food safety regulations.

These actions by FSSAI aim to uphold food safety standards, protect consumers from unsafe food products, and maintain the integrity of the food industry in India. Ensuring the safety and quality of food products is crucial for public health and consumer confidence in the food supply chain.

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