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Achint Kaur

A Beacon of Hope, a Catalyst for Change: Witness How Achint Kaur Soars Beyond the Briefs, Building a Better World

A new legal star burns bright in the hallowed halls of justice, where voices rise, and arguments clash: Achint KaurThe Most Inspiring Woman Lawyer to Watch. She’s not just advocating for clients; she’s championing causes, shattering glass ceilings, and redefining the very image of legal excellence.

Forget dry legal prose and dusty case files. Achint’s courtroom is a battleground where wit meets eloquence, passion fuels conviction, and justice rings like a clarion call. Her brilliance isn’t confined to legal acumen; it’s a tapestry woven with empathy, courage, and an unwavering commitment to her clients and the causes she champions.

A Legal Saga of Thousand Milestones 

Achint doesn’t chase million-dollar lawsuits; she chases justice. Her heart lies with the marginalized, the voiceless, and those fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds. From defending wrongly accused individuals to advocating for social causes, her courtroom is a battlefield where she fights for the underdog with the ferocity of a lioness protecting her cubs.

In the realm of corporate and commercial legal practice, Achint Kaur stands as a distinguished Counsel – Corporate and Commercial, in the NCR office of Khaitan & Co., bringing over two decades of comprehensive experience to the table. Her legal journey encompasses a vast array of accomplishments, and she has been instrumental in advising and representing both supply and buy-side clients in billion-dollar deals.

Achint’s expertise spans a diverse spectrum, including End-to-End General Corporate and Commercial matters, Commercial and Contractual Transactions across various sectors, Regulatory affairs (FEMA, FDI, RBI, India Entry work), M&A and Due Diligence, Corporate Disputes and Advisory, Intellectual Property, and Team Management. Her proficiency also extends to Sales, Business Development, Invoicing, and Collection.

One of her notable achievements includes facilitating results for Henry Ford by drafting and negotiating the Master License (Franchise) Agreement for 30 hospitals and wellness centres in India. Her advisory services for Reliance Brands, RIL, IFC, and the Oberoi Group further underscore her prowess, involving Hotel Management Agreements, Merger Advisory, and negotiations with renowned entities.

Achint’s contribution to Toyota Accessories Development ME India Private Limited (TADME) is exemplified by her end-to-end support on over 30 buy and sell-side agreements, covering various facets such as development supply, technology license, master shared services, and customer value chain enhancement.

Her advisory role with HCL Infosystems Limited, HCL Infotech Limited, Akash Institute, AESL/BYJU, EGrowth Technologies, and Dixon & Xiaomi reflects a rich tapestry of experiences, from drafting and reviewing agreements to providing legal opinions on matters ranging from termination and IP to import-export issues.

Achint’s involvement with the Aditya Birla Group showcases her commitment to due diligence, in the context of a majority acquisition of a designer fashion brand, Tarun Tahiliani. Her versatility extends to confidential client engagements, including drafting Franchise Agreements and providing advisory services on product supply claims in the retail and marketplace spheres.

Achint Kaur’s legal journey is a saga of a thousand milestones, each marked by her unwavering commitment, astute legal acumen, and transformative contributions to the corporate and commercial legal landscape.

Legal Acumen with a Human Touch 

Achint Kaur, with her extensive qualifications and expertise, embodies legal acumen with a human touch. Her educational journey includes a comprehensive spectrum of courses and certifications, highlighting her commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in the legal landscape. From completing a Course by AFCL on Applying Principles of Financial Statements and Corporate Finance to pursuing an Executive MBA from IIM Kolkata, Achint’s academic pursuits underscore her dedication to continuous learning.

Achint’s legal journey commenced with an LLB from Campus Law Centre, DU, and her pursuit of knowledge further led her to attain certifications from the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), including Advanced Practitioner, Practitioner, and Fundamental Level Certification. Her diverse qualifications also encompass a diploma in CSI (Consulting & System Integration) Contract Management from KL, Malaysia, and an IPR Certification from WIPO, Geneva.

As a member of the Bar Council of Delhi since 2005, the Delhi High Court Bar Association and the Supreme Court Bar Association, Achint Kaur’s legal expertise extends to various high-profile cases. Notable among these is her involvement with Club Factory, where she navigated the legal complexities of E-commerce, IT Guidelines, GST, and other regulatory requirements. Her adept drafting and review of contracts related to Platform facilities, Merchants, Product Supply, Warehousing, Logistics, and more showcase her comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies in E-commerce.

Achint’s legal prowess extends to the entertainment industry, where she provided opinions on IPR infringement for Starmaker and played a crucial role in drafting and negotiating Media Services and Music Licensing Agreements with industry giants like Tips, Times Music, T-Series, and Zee. Her diverse portfolio also includes

  • Advising Sterlite on Consulting Agreements;
  • Preparing MSAs for Sterling Tools Limited;
  • Drafting Franchise and Distribution Agreements for multiple clients including Dalmia Group, Hippo Stores, and Inbrew Beverages Private Limited;
  • Drafting negotiating agreements and rendering multifarious opinions to INOX Group’s Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited for tier – 1 electric vehicles manufacturers and customers, drafting risk sheets, issue lists, specification brochures, product liability disclaimers, opinion on SEBI LODR and PIT regulation disclosures;
  • Providing 7-Eleven FEMA, FDI advisory, drafted and negotiated several agreements with top clients including Infosys, PWC, EY, Leela, Fragomen, PWC, Mercer etc., rendered opinions on LLP registered agent and filing, advised on the capital contribution process, advance payments; and prepared process checklists for equity buyout of a partnership interest;
  • Drafted several agreements for Kellogg’s including distribution, warehousing, freight, and logistics, rendering structuring advisory for an IT services transaction, and drafting memorandums on FEMA requirements, payment conduit and other queries; and
  • Provided PF advisory for Capgemini and KYC memorandums for PayU Finance.

Greenlam Laminates benefited from Achint’s legal acumen during a due diligence process for an acquisition. She drafted distribution and trade partner agreements, policy documents, and contract sign-off sheets, provided product liability, environmental and employment advisories, rendered opinions and reviewed advertising and consumer complaints. Additionally, her contributions to Mars Smartpaddle Technology Private Limited involved providing FEMA, ODI Guidelines, and the Company’s Act advisory, showcase her expertise in navigating complex regulatory frameworks.

Achint’s mind is a razor-sharp legal blade, dissecting complex legal arguments with surgical precision. But her brilliance isn’t confined to dusty tomes and legalese. She possesses a profound empathy, understanding the human stories behind the cases she fights and injecting a much-needed dose of compassion into the often-sterile world of law.

As a fearless advocate and compassionate defender, Achint doesn’t shy away from the toughest cases. She tackles complex legal issues with audacious strategy and razor-sharp intellect, defending the underdog, fighting for the marginalized, and giving voice to the silenced.

Achint has consistently demonstrated a unique blend of legal expertise and a human touch in her multifaceted career. From employment advisories and environmental advisories to responses to notices from regulatory bodies, Achint Kaur’s legal acumen is a testament to her extensive knowledge. It reflects her commitment to a compassionate and empathetic approach in the legal realm.

Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Generations

Achint isn’t just a lawyer; she’s a role model, shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for aspiring female lawyers. As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, Achint doesn’t apologize for her success. She embraces her identity and uses her platform to champion gender equality and diversity within the legal system, inspiring a generation of aspiring women lawyers to follow their dreams. Her success in a traditionally male-dominated field sends a powerful message – that women can excel in law and redefine its very essence with their unique perspectives and unwavering dedication.

In the competitive landscape of legal professionals, Achint Kaur emerges as a dynamic force, breaking barriers and inspiring generations with a multifaceted impact that extends far beyond traditional boundaries.

Achint’s stellar performance in Sales and Business Development is nothing short of exceptional. With an impressive portfolio of over 200-250 connections, they consistently secure the execution of over ₹2.5 Crore annually, bringing in additional mandates for partners and teams across the firm. Her adeptness in securing meetings, proposals, and mandates with renowned corporates for Legal Retainership and Empanelment has significantly expanded legal transactional opportunities across diverse teams and offices. Clients such as Usha Shriram, Firefly (Airtel and Vodafone JV), Hilti, Greenlam, and Toyota stand testament to the breadth of Achint’s influence.

Beyond traditional legal realms, Achint plays a pivotal role in advising on Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual Property Rights, End to End Deal Closures, and Regulatory Matters, covering a spectrum of areas including RBI, FDI, FEMA, SEBI, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Due Diligences. Her commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident through the organization of webinars with Standard Chartered Bank and Yes Bank on crucial topics like FDI, FEMA, and Payment Aggregators.

She epitomizes a multifaceted, diverse spectrum of knowledge base as exemplified through her versatile publications areas. To name a few,

  • An article on “How AI is helping corporate India craft its M&A strategy” published with Business Today (8 January 2024).
  • Article on “What Fintech Ventures in India must do to Manage Regulatory Risks” published with VCC Circle (2 Jan 2024).
  • “Legal Safeguards for Customers facing defects in Electric Vehicles” published by Autocar Professional (December 2023 Issue).
  • Article on “SEBI’s Redressal of Investor Grievances through SCORES Platform and Online Dispute Resolution” published in Lexology (16 October 2023) and Mondaq (17 October 2023) and in Bar and Bench (23 October 2023).
  • Article on “National Deep Tech Startup Policy 2023” published by Mondaq and Lexology on 20 September 2023);
  • Article on “Product Liability Focus on Electric Vehicles OEMs” published in Supreme Court Cases (13 September 2023);
  • Article on “SEBI’s Enhanced Scrutiny – Mandating Legal Entity Identifier for All Non – Individual Foreign Portfolio Investors” published by Mondaq and Lexology (30 August 2023);
  • Article on “Impact of The Budget: Hastening The Pace of Digital Revolution” published by Lexology (2 March 2023);
  • “Impact of Budget 2023: Promoting a More Sustainable Ecosystem and Electric Vehicles Transition” published by Lexology (20 Feb 2023); and
  • “Corporate Governance- Piercing of the Corporate Veil- Latest Trends”, published by Indian Business Law Review (8 February 2023).

As a key contributor to the KM Series for Internship Program, Achint imparted valuable insights on diverse subjects such as

  • “Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020”,
  • “RBI Amendment of KYC Master Directions”, and
  • “The Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2021.”

Her presentations, include sessions on Cyber Security; Liquidated Damages; Key Commercial Transactions and M&A Considerations; Commercial Contracts; and “M&A Series Due Diligence and Material Contracts” showcase an ability to demystify complex legal subjects.

Achint’s leadership extends to leading the Corporate Delhi Knowledge Management Team and contributing to the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Member Resource Group (MRG). During the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Achint demonstrated resilience by uploading over 300 related documents for the firm in the dedicated COVID Corner, earning the KM Award in 2022.

The impact goes beyond professional accolades. Achint actively engages in pro-bono activities, rendering advice on diverse topics like “Determining Factors for Situs of a Contract” and Corporate Social Responsibility. With a collaborative approach, Achint has worked with over 90 team members, multiple teams across offices and practice areas, and numerous Fortune 500 and listed companies, showcasing a broad and profound influence on the legal landscape.

Achint Kaur’s impact transcends barriers, inspiring generations in the legal profession and setting a standard for excellence that reverberates throughout the industry.

A Crown Studded with Jewels

Achint Kaur isn’t just a lawyer; she’s an inspirational force of nature. She’s a beacon of hope for those seeking justice, a champion for the voiceless, and a role model for aspiring lawyers everywhere. She has also been working in an honorary capacity with an NGO Harichint Learning and Welfare Society for almost three decades working with the school dropouts, de-addiction, alcoholics, old age, special needs children and adults, with different forms of disabilities and corresponding (educational, social, emotional, and economic) rehabilitation.

Achint’s select list of awards and achievements include:

  • Awarded by Economic Times Legalfor Best Corporate and Commercial Lawyer 2023;
  • Awarded by Forbes Legal Power List 2021for Top Individual Lawyer above 10 years’ experience (for Corporate commercial E-commerce, Fintech, start-up, technology, franchising, licensing, distributorship agreements, IPR and M&A);
  • Her Interview and quote included by SCC Online in the list of awe-inspiring quotes from women in law and power on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023 with Smriti Irani, IPS officer, Senior Advocates, President ICC International Court of Arbitration, etc.;
  • Achint conducted a Course on “AI, Risks, Solutions and Contracts” for all the Defence Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) to repatriate them in the Corporate World, under the aegis of National Institute of Finance Management (29 December 2023);
  • She conducted a Course on “Overview of Corporate Law” for all the Defence Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) as part of their Resettlement into the Corporate Sector (22 November 2023);
  • Conducted the “Contract Drafting Workshop” for the working professionals and SVKM College of Law (29 October 2023);
  • She conducted an Online Certification Course on “Artificial Intelligence and Law” with special reference to “AI and Contracts” as invited by the Centre for Robotics Artificial Intelligence and Technology Law in association with Technology Law Forum and SVKM College of Law (4 October 2023).
  • Expert Panelist and Special Guest at “3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and International Law” and presenting views on “Privacy Regulation of AI” and discussing relevant points on International Regulation of AI in Global Financial Space, Governance, Defence Sector, Ecological Perspective and IPR (in New Delhi on 24 and 25 June 2022) organized by Campus Law Centre, Delhi University;
  • She was an expert speaker and conducted a master class and webinar on “Roadmap for a successful corporate lawyer, commercial transactions, the art of drafting, negotiation skills and management skills” on 25 February 2023, by Delhi University, Campus Law Centre, and many more.

Achint Kaur’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and the unwavering belief that one person can make a difference. Watch her soar, for her wings are fueled by the fire of justice and her path is illuminated by the unwavering light of her convictions.

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