Top fastest growing jobs in India in 2024

Closing Manager

Closing Managers work for clients who are interested in real estate projects. Their duties range from site visits, follow-ups, documentation, and striking deals. 

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Influencer Marketing Specialists figure out and work on campaigns related to influencers and social media partners which helps the latter boost their brand visibility and audience engagement.

Design Specialist

Design Specialists work in different mediums including digital and print. They create visual content that helps increase a brand's awareness and help in catering to customer and business needs that aid sales. 

Drone Pilot

Drone Pilots are certified professionals responsible for the operation and management of drones including overseeing its detection and tracking, performance, and safety protocols.


Recruiters work on finding suitable talents and hiring people, as per a company's needs. Their work is to go through job applications, screening candidates, and schedule their interviews.

Other jobs on the rise in India in 2024

Other jobs that are on the rise in India this year include Sales Development Representative, Demand Generation Associate, Customs Officer, Growth Manager, Investor Relations Manager & Political Analyst etc.