Top 10 Best Countries To Work

New Zealand: it gives a healthy work-life balance and people are progressive and welcoming.

The Netherlands: The majority of Dutch people speak in English & it's a safe country for the employees.

South Korea: It offers high paying Jobs with benefits like accommodation. Work environments are also friendly for people from other countries.

Australia: Companies over here offer high salaries and inclusive work culture.

Germany: Country has a social welfare system. Also for the working population, its efficient public transportation can be helpful.

Brazil: Good for tourism industry jobs. Also Brazilian people are friendly and open. Healthcare over here is also affordable.

Denmark: Because taxes are high, healthcare and education are free for everyone. Low rates of income inequality mean happy citizens.

Botswana: It is a growing economy with more job opportunities. Also the weather is warm and sunny over here.

Canada: Most welcoming country for the people across the world.All citizens and permanent residents receive universal healthcare benefits.

Cambodia: There is a low cost of living with quality of accommodation and services.