International Yoga Day : Simple asanas to help you begin your yoga journey

Every year, June 21 is observed as the International Yoga Day. If you are looking to kickstart your yoga journey this year, here are five simple asanas ideal for beginners.

Also known as the mountain pose, this yoga asana is ideal for beginners. It helps promote balance and stability and improves posture.


This downward-bending pose helps stretch the spine and shoulders. It also strengthens the arms and legs and calms the nervous system.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

The cat-and-cow pose helps provide flexibility to the spine and calms the mind. It also strengthens knee, wrist, and shoulder joints.


Also known as a child's pose, balasana stretches the spine and relaxes the back muscles. It also helps stimulate the digestive system.


This yoga asana helps strengthen the legs, arms, and lower back. It also improves stability and balance.