Best Future Jobs in India by 2025

Back-end Developer

Behind every great website and mobile application is a successful “back-end developer”.Back-end developers majorly work in C++, C#, or Java. Every IT company needs Back-end developers and can be considered as an evergreen job.

Banking Career

Banking is the backbone of any country’s economy. Nobody has forgotten the turmoil in the global banking sector. The world was shaken, but India was the least impacted. All thanks to our sound banking and financial systems.

Career Counsellor

The most exciting careers today are those which were not even heard of 10 years ago. Technology enhancements and researches create new opportunities. The rapid change in the job industry increases the need for Career Counsellors. The US alone has 2.6 million counselors per 1.8 million candidates.

Cyber Security

You have money, there will be somebody trying to steal that money. You have data, cybercriminals are there trying to steal that data. With increased. As we keep moving more towards the online world, cybercrime keeps increasing.

Data Scientist

Not only India but the demand for a Data scientist is going to increase globally.Companies these days struggle to collect every possible information about their customers and try to make the best use of that information.


Dieticians or sometimes known as nutritionist are the one who first understands your body and then craft a precise diet plan that helps you achieve your desired goals. Dieticians are the ones who identify them and create a diet plan that does not trigger the intolerance.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketing is the backbone of any successful business. With the paradigm shifting from offline businesses to online businesses, the need for digital marketers has been rising.