Countries with biggest forests 

Forests are vital for biodiversity, climate regulation, and human livelihoods. Here are ten countries with the largest forested areas, including India


India has approximately 72 million hectares of forest, covering around 21.67% of its land area. These forests are diverse, ranging from tropical rainforests in the northeast to dry deciduous forests in central India


Russia has the largest forest area in the world, with approximately 815 million hectares of forest, covering about half of the country’s land area.


Brazil is home to the Amazon Rainforest, the largest tropical rainforest in the world, with about 497 million hectares of forest.


Canada has vast boreal forests, with around 347 million hectares of forest, covering roughly 38% of its land area. 

United States

The United States has about 310 million hectares of forest, including significant temperate forests. 


China has approximately 220 million hectares of forest, with extensive reforestation efforts in recent decades. 


Australia has around 134 million hectares of forest, with diverse forest types including tropical, temperate, and dry forests.