Talent Corner HR Services: Building Better Workplaces with Innovation and Insights

When Barry Davis said, “There is nothing more important than the people we hire,” it highlighted the significance of appropriate talent acquisition. A resilient, reliable and flexible workforce builds a strong foundation for any organization. HR service provider companies come to the rescue when it comes to the recruitment of a talented workforce.

In the widespread sector of HR services, very few companies excel at providing remarkable services. Talent Corner HR Services is one such helping hand that thrives with its commitment to excellence, a dedication to its client’s success, and a belief that in the realm of human resources, every challenge is an opportunity to showcase the transformative power of Talent Corner HR Services.

Here are the highlights of the FounderMr Bankim Doshi’s interview with the CioWorld India team.

As a trailblazing HR solution provider, could you take us back to the beginning of your journey? What motivated you to step into this dynamic field?

In the vibrant heart of Mumbai, where dreams take flight and ambitions reach for the sky, in 2002, Talent Corner HR Services embarked on the journey of shaping the future of Human Resources. Driven by a singular vision—to revolutionize the recruitment process and help companies on a PAN India level find their most valuable asset—their people.

In 2002, Mr Bankim Doshi established the Talent Corner. He started his career in 1978 as an Insurance Agent with LIC of India. During his journey, he identified a gap between demand and supply for the workforce. He mentioned, “I observed that there is always a demand and plenty of supply, but the biggest gap is that none of them are aware of it. When we started the company, Naukri.com was also new in the market. So, the recruitment industry was still an unorganised sector. I saw the potential and decided to embark on the journey!

Could you share the guiding philosophy that has propelled your organization’s success?

Our guiding philosophy is a set of principles and a living, breathing force that propels us forward. Our journey to becoming one of the most admired HR solution providers has been guided by 3 Core Values—Integrity, Transparency and Relationship. Our continuous endeavour is to make the recruitment process Easier, Faster and Transparent to absorb fresh talent. We aim to reduce the gap and upgrade the relationship between a candidate and clients.

People are at the heart of what we do within our organization and those we serve. From day one, we adopted a people-centric approach that involved understanding each individual’s unique qualities and aspirations. By placing the right people in the right roles, we create workplaces where individuals and organizations thrive.

How do you ensure your company remains adaptable and ahead of industry trends, providing innovative solutions to your clients?

At Talent Corner HR Services, our commitment to remaining adaptable and ahead of industry trends is ingrained in our organizational DNA to provide innovative and effective HR solutions. We have achieved milestones in the recruitment sector; however, to match the beat of this dynamic industry, we also need some quick beat solutions.

*Continuous Learning Culture:

Fostering a culture of continuous learning, our team is encouraged to stay abreast of the latest industry developments, emerging technologies and evolving best practices. Regular training sessions, workshops and access to educational resources ensure our professionals are equipped with the newest knowledge.

*Technology Integration:

With the help of advanced recruitment tools, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes, improve efficiency and provide data-driven insights. With this, our clients benefit from the latest talent acquisition and management innovations.

*Market Research and Analysis:

Our team conducts thorough market research and analysis to keep a check on market trends and also monitors the pulse of the candidates for each market segment. This helps us anticipate future challenges and opportunities and develop strategies that align with the evolving needs of our clients.

*Collaboration and Partnerships:

We actively engage with thought leaders, industry experts and professional networks to exchange insights and stay connected with the broader HR community. Mr Rashesh Doshi is a Member of BNI (Business Networking International), Round Table India and Mr Harsh Mariwala’s (Marico Industries) PSR Project–Ascent.

Could you shed light on your approach to leadership and team building within the organisation?

My leadership style is based on strategic foresight, people-centric values and a commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. I always set ambitious yet achievable goals for my team members. The goals are always directed to bring new clients or get more requirements closed and to guide the organization on a path of sustained growth and relevance in the ever-evolving HR landscape. This allows the team to anticipate industry trends and proactively respond to emerging challenges.

Talent Corner strongly emphasises a people-centric approach and values open communication. The management also actively participates in brainstorming sessions that boost employee morale and enhance organizational creativity and problem-solving. We instil a sense of responsibility and autonomy to secure trust and faith within the organization.

In human resources, how does Talent Corner leverage technology to optimize its services and stay ahead in a digital age? Also, how do you strike a balance between functional efficiency and workforce satisfaction?

Technology has played a phenomenal role in transforming the world. Talent Corner HR Services recognizes this transformative power of technology in the HR domain and has strategically embraced various technological solutions to optimize its services and stay ahead in the digital age. With Advanced Recruitment Technologies, we employ cutting-edge recruitment technology applicant tracking systems (ATS). This helps us identify the right talent quickly, reducing time-to-fill and enhancing the overall recruitment experience. Additionally, exploring the digital world, Talent Corner incorporates Social Media and Digital Marketing strategies to build its brand, connect with a wider audience and attract top talent. With the help of these professional networks, the company stays visible, engages with its audience and positions itself as an industry thought leader.

Furthermore, innovative solutions were needed as the company focuses on recruitment for the MSME Industry. Hence, along with the technology-process integration, we helped our workforce leverage these emerging technologies in their work processes and operations. As a company, Talent Corner works extensively to push its team members to adopt technologies that ease their work. It keeps pace with the digital age and stays ahead in delivering efficient, innovative, and client-focused HR services.

The workforce is the cornerstone of every successful organization. How does Talent Corner foster a culture of growth, skill development and empowerment among its employees?

A motivated and skilled workforce is the backbone of success. To promote a culture of internal mobility and career advancement, Talent Corner provides various opportunities for employees to explore different organisational roles. These diverse experiences and opportunities develop a broad skill set, resulting in individual growth and a dynamic and adaptable workforce.

Moreover, we have established recognition and rewards programs to highlight, acknowledge, and celebrate its employees’ achievements and outstanding contributions. This boosts morale and creates a positive work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. Talking about Empowerment through Responsibility, Talent Corner fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, encouraging employees to proactively contribute to the organization’s success and invest in innovative thinking.

In addition, Work-Life Balance Initiatives promote initiatives that support a healthy balance between professional and personal life. We also offer flexible work arrangements to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity.

Have you encountered any challenges during your journey? How did you handle them?

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the business landscape, causing uncertainties and shaking the job market dynamics. It caused a sudden halt in hiring activities, uncertainties about the future, remote work transitions, disruptions in traditional recruitment, and clients grappling with economic uncertainties. However, values such as resilience and ingenuity helped the company weather the storm and positioned it as a leader in navigating disruptions.

After the first shock, we understood the need for a proactive and innovative approach to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and adapt to the new normal.

~Virtual Transformations: We immediately created several formats for internal and client reference purposes. We ensured that the recruitment process continued seamlessly despite physical constraints

~Skill Development Initiatives: Talent Corner initiated comprehensive skill development programs for its employees that enhanced their capabilities and positioned them as experts in navigating the evolving recruitment landscape. The result was that many of the marketing activities we used to outsource started effectively happening within the company.

~Client Consultations: The leadership extensively consulted with clients to understand their evolving needs and concerns. This proactive communication helped us tailor its services to meet the specific challenges faced by each client, fostering stronger partnerships.

~Diversification Strategies: Talent Corner explored new industry sectors that showed resilience amid the economic downturn. We adapted its recruitment strategies to cater to emerging industries, showcasing agility in responding to changing market demands.

~Employee Well-being Programs: The leadership prioritized the well-being of its employees, including mental health support, flexible work arrangements, and regular communication channels. This ensured that the team felt supported and motivated during uncertain times.

How does Talent Corner embrace modern concepts like employee health and well-being to address these areas?

Considering the health and well-being of employees, being a considerate organization, we quickly learned the need for balance in life. Hence, very simple aspects such as flexible timing, flexibility to work from home and defined working hours were the first steps we took towards them. We don’t believe in the concept of working late. We insist that our team members give much time to their families & their health. That, along with a few workshops, helps us stay on course.

Looking to the future, what is your vision for your company? How do you aspire to continue making a significant impact on India’s human resource landscape?

Talent Corner HR Services sets forth a visionary roadmap aimed at making a lasting impact on India’s human resource landscape. The company aspires to be a trailblazer, driving positive change and contributing to the growth and success of businesses and individuals. Picturing a promising time ahead, it envisions a future where it continues to be a catalyst for innovation, excellence and positive transformation.