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Pre-Seed Round for Humors Tech Headed by Venture Catalysts

Venture Catalysts contributed Rs 2 crore to the pre-seed round of funding for healthtech firm Humors Tech. The money raised will go toward expediting the commercial introduction of the company’s flagship medicine, Respyr, as well as clinical validation research and international market expansion.

Respyr by Humors Tech, founded by Ankur Jaiswal and Suchita Kanaldekar, targets 50% of preventable deaths and offers a practical answer to the public health dilemma. “Most healthcare research today is reactive; intervening after diseases have already caused substantial impact. Through Respyr, we aim to revolutionize the very premise of healthcare, making it proactive, accessible and personalized for each individual,” said Ankur Jaiswal, Founder of Humors Tech.

Respyr offers users sophisticated health tracking by integrating with wearables and fitness applications. Based on screening results, it acts as a gateway to telemedicine platforms, connecting consumers with prompt medical solutions. A breath-based health screening tool called Respyr can identify and track serious lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart, liver, kidney, and respiratory problems at an early stage. By just breathing into the gadget, users may monitor their health. Through the use of a mobile app, the gadget provides full health data and analyzes unique biomarker profiles, resulting in actionable recommendations for enhancing health.

Corporates, insurers, government hospitals, distant healthcare facilities and consumers are all served by Humors Tech’s dual B2B and B2B2C models. Additionally, Respyr provides flexible applications for insurance participation, employee health programs, quick medical screening and remote healthcare access.

Starting with a serviceable available market (SAM) of 163 million health-conscious people, Humors Tech hopes to attain a total addressable market (TAM) of 612 million people in India.

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