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Impact Of Emerging Technologies in Enhancing Brand Identity 

Embracing Advancements  

Business organizations offer various products or services in catering to a vast customer base. With the presence of numerous competing products, business organizations feel the need to create a striking differentiation for their products. This is where the ‘Brand Identity’ plays a vital role for the business organization, its products, and services. 

Brand image has been an essential aspect of business organizations as it helps identify uniqueness and creates the image of trust, consistency, and conformity. Products with a brand image gain the respect of the customers easily as the brand image is popular for numerous features. 

Successful business conglomerates have identified the importance of having a brand image and have developed brand-building activities in the same direction. The process of brand building is a continuous process that includes brand identity in the form of a distinct logo and the communication strategies which implement the same.  

The process of brand communication has evolved steadily over the past few decades. Apart from the traditional mass media of newspapers, radio, TV, hoardings, etc., some new platforms have been adopted in the brand communication process. Let’s identify the emerging technologies in the process of enhancement of brand identity creation. 

Digital Marketing  

With the advent of the IT revolution, most of the communication, business transactions, and connectivity got elevated to simple, fast, and quicker digital technology. Computers and smartphones enable people to communicate seamlessly to any corner of the world, even while travelling. Brand communication too expanded in the diverse digital world through dynamic websites, internet portals, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube from an extensive list.   

Communication became more controlled, specific, and targeted with digital media’s vast scope and structure. Branding activities include active sponsorships in various social events and activities.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  

The recent cloud-based software and CRM tools have strengthened the brand image through the availability of the company teams, easily reachable, and quick solutions offered in very nominal turn-around time.   

The applications are well equipped with the customer details, database, product history, etc., and are enabled with assisting features of presentations and graphical representations of product statistics. The system enables the CRM team with auto-reminders, auto-updates, thank you notes, and all the important date-wise task schedulers. This makes the CRM applications help in building the organization’s brand value.  

E-commerce/Virtual Marketplace  

The digital revolution has allowed business organizations to promote their products and services across numerous online commercial trading platforms known as eCommerce sites.  

The eCommerce portals offer a mutually beneficial business bridge that connects prospective buyers with sellers—equipped with a built-in payment gateway that enables the buyers to make payments through the UPI and net banking facilities.   

The transactions are documented and well tracked, keeping the customer in the loop of the process duration. Reputed brands are available on the eCommerce portals giving the customers a fulfilling shopping experience. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

The modern technological developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have significantly enhanced Market Research and Analysis processes. Companies are further identifying customer buying patterns, studying their search results, and customizing the solutions based on their likes and browsing history. The AI system begins a conversation with the prospects regarding their needs, likes, and choices through an online poll, contests, and automated chatbots.   

The entire system gathers the data from millions of customers and compiles it systematically to be processed for predictive purchase possibilities. The system introduces products like the earlier search results. AI applications take care of the basic work and help build a decent customer rapport. The advanced features of AI in numerous business functions have offered a fantastic customer experience, thereby strengthening the business brand image.  

Progressing Through Trust and Confidence  

The technologies have supported modern businesses with a firm foundation of consistent and effective communication, thereby reducing human involvement in the process to a large extent. Organizations today have progressed in all dimensions in offering high product quality, prompt customer service, and ensuring lasting customer satisfaction.  

The latest technologies have contributed to seamless and error-free communication boosting the brand image steadily in the new age where the customers will identify their needs only based on brands, making the rule ‘survival of the fittest (brand)’ an apparent reality. 

  • Kedar Borgaonkar 

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