Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP: Boosting Your Business Growth by Transformational Business Health Analysis

Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP

More than its physical assets, a company is an ever-growing organic entity. It is not one or many buildings, factories, units, branches, and offices. A company comprises people with a united goal, vision, mission, and specific strategies.

Now, as a developing, living and breathing entity, the business may face challenges, issues, problems, and adversities that it must encounter to succeed in this ever-changing stream of modern times.

Thus, similar to us, every growing and developing business is in constant need of the most effective expert advice, the way Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP or ESA has been providing for the last 11 years to the biggies like Titan, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Faber Castell, Pepsi, Abbott, Pfizer, Camlin, Saint Gobain, etc., to name a few with over 100 projects done.

Fostering Unparalleled Success Opportunities

And 80% of our clients coming back to us, as we have always identified unprecedented growth opportunities for them,” shares Vineet Trakroo, the Chief Evolution Officer (CEO).

A business growth advisory, with the collective experience of a team of ex-CXOs from ESAs clients’ industries supported with its proprietary techniques in Business Health Analysis and Business Transformation, Evolution Strategy Advisors influence an organisation’s culture and business strategy to grow.

According to Vineet, Esa’s USP is to provide quantum growth in business and change enablers by creating their clients’ business strategies and supporting their execution. “Our proprietary techniques have given results in over 100 projects to unlock their growth potential. These techniques are supported with analytics and an inside-out approach, and we believe growth is enabled from within the organisation,” he claims.

Vineet shares their most distinctive offerings and says they are Growth Enablers for organisations.

At the core, they offer three different integrated services:

*Business Transformation for existing organisations: Changing how a business works to get quantum growth with existing products but with a changed approach.

~ESA builds the complete Business and GTM/ RTM strategy after doing a business diagnostic and aligns processes, reporting, and governance for this new way. ESA also drives change management by enabling the existing team to deliver and drive the execution.

*Business Transformation for new businesses: Changing how an organisation seeks growth by entering unchartered areas or areas where they may not have the competency. The organisation that sees new opportunities in different customer segments, i.e. B2B wanting to move to B2C or vice versa or completely new categories.

*Operational Strategy and Execution for specific sales, distribution, marketing, brand and product management functions. When a department needs support to deliver better. This could be in areas related to distribution management and improvement, sales productivity, portfolio management and even brand restructuring.

Your Growth Enablers

Vineet says they have little competition as the Business Transformation and Business Health Analysis services are not provided by boutique consulting companies to large corporates.

At times, we do compete with the Big5. Our focus is on the B2C manufacturing sector and Business Strategy with the route to market planning and building organizational effectiveness.”

What makes ESA different is its team of ex CXO’s from different industries who have had many successes. They are from the best organisations and bring in world-class practices.

Vineet adds, “We have developed our proprietary tools,” Business Health Analysis which is unique and can get organisation-wide perspective and solutions to challenges. It quantifies and provides a sentiment analysis on many operational aspects of business. “We use this for future planning.”

Under Vineet’s adept guidance, the team has also perfected a version of OKR (Objective and Key Results) tools used by Intel and Google with their clients, which helps ESA deliver cultural transformation and execution excellence.

Finally, nothing succeeds like success. “We have enabled all our clients to grow. Some have increased their turnover three times in two years on a large base without adding a workforceA 20% plus growth is quite normal for our clients.”

Preparing You for the Modern Times

ESAs solutions not only help organisations grow but also prepare them for the future. With large manufacturing companies as their core customers, some follow age-old practices and must align with the new way of operating. As products become commodities, brand loyalty reduces, and companies lose topline and profits. A major business overhaul is required to be ready for the future. This includes introducing new products and new ways of building customer experience. Vineet mentions, “One of our major tasks is to make the cultural and process change happen, which drives business results.”

Vineet worked for corporate for 23 years in leading b2c organisations as Head of Sales and Marketing. Usha International, Cavinkare, Pidilite, and Beiersdorf are some of the organisations where he brought in transformative change and grew the business by over 50% quickly, managing over 25 large brands for corporates. He also created JVs with Unilever, Coty and many other International brands.

Having grown many businesses, Vineet saw an opportunity to advise organisations to grow them exponentially. He started a consulting organisation to advise mid and large organisations in 2013, making them globally competitive.

We started with strategy and soon expanded to supporting our clients in executing them,” he shares.

Vineet completed his Electrical Engineering from Manipal in 1990 and joined the Electrical Industry as a Management trainee in Voltas. He then moved to ABB to work on power systems. He returned to college to do his MBA in marketing from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai. After that, he headed sales and marketing for a leading edible oil brand, Postman, followed by head of marketing for Fevicol. Vineet went on to head sales and marketing for Beiersdorf’s India operations in 2001. Later, he led marketing for Cavinkare as VP and CMO with Usha International.

Perfect Guidance on Your Transitional Journey

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the consultancy industry, Vineet says that they found the Indian industry had many opportunities to grow by improving their execution capabilities. Further, globalization and start-up culture require a new way of looking at business. Many of the old channels for business were being changed by digital means, and data provided new metrics for business evaluation. As the customer journey got captured at every stage with data digitisation, a new way to run the business and make it future-ready was required.

This is how ESA aids its clientele in growing and succeeding in their business. As a result, the clients admire many professional values and qualities possessed by Vineet and his league of stalwarts.

*Quick results: Clients expect results within a quarter, whether in topline growth or bottom-line. The path has to be clearly visible.

*Practical: Solutions that can’t be implemented in an organisation’s culture are unwelcome. One needs to offer solutions based on what can be done immediately

*Domain Resource: Asking clients to invest before understanding the results is virtually impossible. Solutions are given within the budgets by altering the focus area of investment.

*Sincere and factual: Any advice has to be supported by data and the benefit it will accrue to clients.

Tech Teaches Us

Being an experienced leader, Vineet has his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the consultancy solution space and how ESA is adapting to the change. He says that AI will make their clients better prepared with the basics. However, the solutions have to be individualised when the situations get complex with cultural issues and people challenges. Business situations are an integrated outcome of various internal challenges, which could be strategic, operational, cultural, disciplinary or even governance-related. Identifying these challenges involves data analytics and experience. “We use more data analytics, which are driven by business experience,” he reveals.

When probed about their challenges, Vineet says they are still a young organisation of 11 years. Having built a good client base is helpful to bring in new. “We still see opportunities with service-based industries, which we have yet to reach out to.”

The Wisdom of Tomorrow

His advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the consulting solution space is pragmatic. Vineet shares that customers expect high service, satisfaction, and quick results. At the same time, the tendency to work with consulting companies is lower with larger organisations and more with startups. A tech solution or backbone is a plus, and with AI coming in, consultants will need to be better prepared with the right logic on what a client needs. A certain disillusion exists with a few clients due to not-so-promising deliverance by consultants in the past; that barrier needs to be crossed.

In our case, our work experience and working with the leading corporates help us. Our testimonials are the long and repeat business from our clients. More than 80% of our engagements are repeat business. Thus, my simple suggestion to aspiring consultants is to create your distinct resume and keep it updated with your past successes,” adds Vineet, whose vision for ESA is simple. “We have added more experts to our team to address a larger need. We shall be targeting more industries in the coming year.”

For more information, please visit https://theevolutionconsulting.com/.