Bengaluru Tech Summit Begins on Wednesday, with an Anticipated 20,000 Attendees

Bengaluru Tech Summit

This year’s BTS will cover a wide range of topics, including deep tech, startups, biotech, and electronics, as well as an international exhibition and multiple tracks of conferences.

Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS), the premier technology event in Karnataka, is scheduled to begin its 26th edition on November 29 at the city’s famous Palace Grounds. Hundreds of startups, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from all over the state will be present, along with delegates from over 30 countries.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will officially open the three-day tech festival, which is being organised by the IT-BT Ministry of the Government of Karnataka. Ministers and other dignitaries from nations that are members of the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) will also be in attendance.

It’s interesting to note that, since the city has clearly exceeded its saturation points, the state government is also taking advantage of this to promote tier 2 and tier 3 cities as development hubs and talent pools that businesses can explore for growing their presence. This is all part of their “Beyond Bengaluru” initiative.

The BTS’s ‘Breaking Boundaries’ theme this year aims to highlight the occasion as a venue for developing partnerships between global innovators who are intrigued by the state’s increasing significance as an innovation hub.

“BTS is not an investment summit; rather, it’s a place for cooperation, technology exploration, mergers and acquisitions by uniting the whole Karnataka tech scene and building a pipeline for future investments,” BTS spokesman Patankar Jagadish said.

State IT-BT Minister Priyank Kharge stated, “We are not just incentivizing proposals in Bengaluru, but also encouraging companies to look at opportunities outside the city.”

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