An Intellectual Property Empowerer – Shraddha Singh Chauhan: Your Patents’ Protector

Shraddha Singh Chauhan

Companies in the technological field recognize Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as a strategic asset. They invest significantly in protecting their tech innovations, discoveries, breakthroughs, and patents to drive growth and innovation.

When it comes to the intellectual property landscape, Shraddha Singh Chauhan is a recognized figure,  holding the prestigious position of Partner-Patents at Anand And Anand. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Shraddha brings valuable insights and guidance to the Patent Prosecution, Patent Enforcement and Patent Evaluation & Licensing of intellectual property assets.

A highly accomplished and resourceful attorney with over 17 years of experience in the realm of intellectual property (IP), specifically focusing on patents, Shraddha excels in all aspects of Patent law. She practices at the Indian Patent Office as well as Delhi High Court.

Her expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of technological areas, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Consumer Appliances and Electronics.
  • Data Storage and Software Solutions.
  • Hybrid Engines.
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT).
  • Medical Devices.
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Semiconductors.
  • Wireless Communications (including 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi 6/7)).

Beyond patent prosecution, Shraddha demonstrates proficiency in advising on and drafting various IP agreements, including:

  • Patent License agreements.
  • Technology Transfer agreements.
  • Technical Know-how license agreements.

Prior to her legal career, Shraddha gained valuable experience in engineering and R&D for over a year, working on optical media, storage devices, and photovoltaic products.

Shraddha’s qualifications include:

  • Dual degree – Technology and Law.
  • Admitted to Bar, Member Bar Council of Delhi (D/4371/2014).
  • Indian Patent Agent (IN/PA-3391).
  • Member – Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle (AIPPI).
  • Member – Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA).
  • Member – Licensing Executive Society International (LESI)
  • Guest Faculty to Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property (RGNIIPM), Nagpur.

The Inception of an Inspiration

Shraddha’s journey into the legal field was solely incidental and was sparked by destiny. While working in the R&D department of Moserbaer, she encountered her first encounter with Intellectual Property, particularly patents. This initial exposure led her to provide technical support to the in-house legal team involved in patent infringement suits related to VCD/DVDs against Philips.

This experience sparked a deeper interest in IP, leading her to become increasingly involved in various IP-related matters. It was then that she made the pivotal move to join Anand and Anand, India’s leading IP firm.

Shraddha reflects, “After that, there was no looking back.” Her dedication has led to a distinguished 15+year career at the firm, encompassing all aspects of Patents and solidifying her position as a seasoned IP professional.

Navigating the Challenges of IP Law

Shraddha candidly acknowledges the challenges she encountered upon entering the legal sector, particularly in the realm of IP law.

*Adapting to the Practical Landscape: Shraddha highlights the disparity between theoretical legal training and the practical realities of the field, where most IP knowledge is acquired through hands-on experience. This lack of readily available procedural guides necessitated a slower, experience-based learning process.

*Staying Atop of Technological Advancements: Keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technologies like telecommunications and electronics presented another formidable challenge. Mastering both the legal and technical aspects of patent law required significant dedication and continuous knowledge acquisition.

*Navigating an Evolving Legal System: Shraddha recognizes the existing India’s IP landscape is challenging as the Indian Patent Office and Indian Courts are not yet fully specialized in dealing with complex IP matters. However, she acknowledges the positive strides being made by the Government of India in fostering IP awareness and strengthening IP related policies.

A Leading Force in Intellectual Property Law–Anand and Anand

Anand and Anand is a prominent full-service IP law firm offering comprehensive solutions across all aspects of intellectual property and related fields. With 23 experienced Partners at the helm, supported by skilled management professionals, the firm delivers:

  • Strategic IP Counseling
  • Extensive servicesfor patent, trademark, copyright, and design applications, encompassing filing, prosecution, and disputes.

Anand and Anand boasts a team of nearly 300+ individuals, including 100 qualified attorneys and engineers with offices in major Indian cities. “Our commitment to professionalism and client focus is central to our practice.”

The firm caters to a diverse clientele:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Large multinationals
  • Indian companies
  • Businesses operating in various sectors, including healthcare, electronics, consumer goods, and more.

According to Shraddha, their success is attributed to:

  • Combining legal expertise with scientific and technical understanding, enabling them to precisely grasp clients’ needs.
  • Extensive infrastructure for all aspects of IP registration, monetization, and anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • Building strong patent portfolios for clients, many of whom are top Indian patent filers.
  • Dedicated anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy team safeguarding client brand identities.
  • Proactive involvement in educating research institutions about protecting intellectual property.

Our expertise extends to diverse forums:”

  • Courts at all levels
  • Patent and Trademark Offices
  • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
  • National Internet Exchange of India

Balancing commercial realities with legal pragmatism, the firm leverages its experience and knowledge to:

  • Help clients navigate the Indian IP landscape.
  • Offer a comprehensive range of services:
    • IP Creation (drafting, filing, prosecution).
    • IP Protection (opposition, revocation, maintenance).
    • IP Enforcement (litigation, mediation, arbitration).
    • IP Commercialization (licensing, technology transfer, valuation).
    • IP Risk Management (landscape study, freedom-to-operate, infringement investigations).

Anand and Anand fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Shraddha says they embrace challenges, seek creative solutions, and strive to set the bar for excellence in IP law.

The Evolving Legal Landscape and Shraddha’s Expertise

*Embracing Technological Advancements: As Shraddha observes, technology is making significant strides in the legal field. We see evidence in:

~Virtual hearings: Facilitating remote proceedings and reducing logistical hurdles.

~Digitization of documents: Expediting processes and enhancing accessibility.

~Online filing: Streamlining document submission and saving time.

~Digital signatures: Adding security and efficiency to electronic documents.

According to her, emerging technologies like AI hold further potential to improve efficiency and potentially reduce court case backlogs.

A Specialist Approach to Patent Law: Shraddha emphasizes the specialized nature of patent law. Her expertise enables her to provide comprehensive guidance to Corporates, Academics, and Startups in managing their IP needs effectively.

This includes:

  • Developing strategic IP portfolios tailored to individual needs.
  • Negotiating optimal licensing deals to maximize value for clients.


Mr. Rajiv Maheshwari, Business and Startup Advisor: “Shraddha’s combined strengths in patent prosecution, licensing, business acumen, and technological understanding make her an **exceptionally effective and well-rounded patents professional.”

Mr Praveen Jaiswal, Solar O&M Business Head at Sterling & Wilson Solar: “I have consistently observed Shraddha’s ability to handle complex matters with confidence and meticulous preparation. 

She has become a trusted advisor on patents and intellectual property.”

Shraddha’s Guidance for Aspiring Legal Professionals

Shraddha, a seasoned legal professional, offers valuable advice to aspiring legal enthusiasts embarking on their journey:

>Embrace hard work and dedication: Building a successful legal career requires unwavering commitment and a willingness to invest significant effort.

>Develop strong research skills: Extensive reading and information gathering are crucial for navigating the complex legal landscape.

>Explore emerging fields: The Indian legal sector continuously evolving, presenting exciting opportunities in specialized areas beyond traditional practice domains.

Shraddha emphasizes the dynamism of the Indian legal space:

~Evolving landscape: The environment constantly evolves, offering opportunities to shape the future and influence legal precedents.

~Increased efficiency and speed: The focus is shifting towards providing more efficient and timely legal solutions to meet the needs of individuals and organizations.


  • ASSOCHAM – National Legal Excellence Award (2023)

   Category – Individual Practitioner (40 under 40)

  • Lex Falcon Global Awards – Singapore (2022)

   Category – IP